Getting Started

Getting Started


Welcome to Bay Area Wholesale Flowers.

We are a wholesale florist providing high quality, wholesale priced bunch flowers to the public.

No license or membership pass is required to purchase flowers from us.

You can either visit our warehouse at 4050 Alder Ave to shop for flowers or order from our extensive online catalog from which you can choose flowers by variety and color.

We utilize a wealth of different farms and nurseries in order to provide the widest selection of cut flowers for you. While many of our flowers come from South America, we strive to utilize our local growers as much as possible.

Bay Area Wholesale Flowers orders can be picked up at our location - 4050 Alder Ave or there is also an option to have your wholesale flowers delivered to you in the metro area for an additional delivery charge.

If this is your first time visiting Bay Area Wholesale Flowers, please take a moment to peruse the ‘Navigating’ page.  This page describes the functions of each section of the website and what you can expect to find there. Utilizing this page and all its information will help to streamline your visit and make it more efficient.

We also suggest you check out ‘Choosing Flowers’ and ‘Ordering Flowers,’ which give you tips on when to order flowers for your event, seasonal availability, and how many days before your event you should pick up your flowers.

The ‘DIY Info’ section provides invaluable information about how to care for and condition your wholesale cut flowers after you take them home. By purchasing flowers from Bay Area Wholesale Flowers you are buying flowers that have come straight from the grower so this section provides you with the information you’ll need to care for your cut flowers to ensure they open in time for your event and last beautifully.

Any questions can be directed to us via the 'Contact Us' page or ring us up at 510-656-7300.